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…We believe that high quality design and low cost execution can exist in harmony

Our Home Design Theory

Quill Decor is a local and online interior design and decor company bringing you personal, affordable home design solutions. Our goal is to help you tap into your own individual style and derive a plan that helps bring that style to life in your own home.

At Quill Decor, we feel the most impressive homes are the ones that are put together with intention. Let us help you to thoughtfully procure a home that fits you and yours both functionally and aesthetically. Your home should be something you’re proud of, and also the most comfortable place on earth.

Your home should be your canvas reflecting where you’ve been, while also representing where you want to go and who you want to be.

Our passion is to help you stand back, assess your goals, and ultimately implement a Design Plan that will make your home all of these things and more. Whether you lack time to shop or scour the internet for the best options for your home decor, or if that notion just simply overwhelms you, we’re here to help.

Check out our Houzz profile to see our past projects and get a feel for what we do!

Valerie Malone in BLOOMINGTON on Houzz

Who We Are
Valerie Malone

Valerie Malone

Owner & Senior Designer

I have been working in the design industry for 10 years, both in the United States and abroad. I started my career as a commercial interior designer at a top firm in Nashville TN, and most recently owned a local design and concierge business in Alberta, Canada. My family and I now reside in Bloomington, IN after my husband accepted a job at Indiana University as an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship. My passion is to help each and every client create a space that becomes their favorite place on earth. I believe things matter, but not as much as people. I believe our homes can be an inspiration that represents who we truly are. My goal is to help you unlock your unique style so we can design a home that truly reflects you and works for your life.

Jorgi Watt

Jorgi Watt

Junior Designer

Working alongside Valerie and our clients, I help produce floor plans, designs, purchasing list and whatever else is needed for each homes completion. I enjoy all the little details in designing a space, those intangible things that make each space a home. Another hat that I wear is writing our blogs, which empowers others to decorate their home.



Marketing & Website Manager

I create all customer related marketing and social media promotions for Quill Decor. I also work to make the customer’s online experience as seamless as possible. I enjoy being able to convey Valerie’s passion and creativity to the public through our online presence.



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