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How to Dimension Your Space

Online Interior Design packages are a great option for those who want the designerly room but without a high price tag. Through more streamlined processes, and no travel time, Online Interior Design cuts down on designer fees. However, this means you will be the one giving us dimensions and photos of your space. For some, this may seem overwhelming to accurately dimension your space, but we have an easy step-by-step process that will make it simple! No need to sweat, you can still have that beautiful space with a limited amount of work!

How to Dimension Your Space

STEP 1: Draw the floor plan of your space. It does not need to be in scale, but it does need to include doors, windows, columns, or other architectural features.

STEP 2: Measure from wall to wall. If possible, put tape measure flat on the floor. Mark these on the drawn floor plan.

STEP 3: Measure from one architectural piece to the next. For instance, measure from the corner of the wall to the door, the edge of the door to the window. Do NOT include the casing, measure from the outside of the casings/trim.

STEP 4: Now measure the doors, windows, and columns. This time DO measure the casings/trim. Make one note of how thick the trim is around the doors and windows (they are usually the same width).

STEP 5: Now make a sketch of the elevations (the wall heights). If they are all one height and shape then you only need to make one drawing and measure from the floor all the way to the ceiling. If, however, there are multiple heights and shapes of walls then draw and measure each one. Note  which wall coordinates to the walls on the floor plan. If a wall has a slanted ceiling, measure each ends height and then measure the height from approximately the middle.

Your drawing may end being a little sloppy, but that is fine we are quite used to it! As long as you try to make it as neat as possible and give us the correct dimensions, we can decipher it. And if there are any problems, we will contact you and get it sorted all out. Once we get these dimensions, we will put them into our program and can start laying out furniture and preliminary shopping. If you are interested in any of our online design services, click here.

Eclectic French Vintage

Being drawn to homes that are modern, cultured, and elegant means that the rooms must incorporate a variety of styles while being grounded in sophisticated design; Eclectic French Vintage is exactly that. It combines many different styles with layers of accessories but has touches of French that add formality and old world charm.

Eclectic French Vintage

Design by Mis’ en Sene 40

Defining Eclectic

Pulling from many different styles, Eclectic design is meant to be experimental which makes it uniquely you.  When deciding what pieces go into the space, decisions are less about what matches, and more about what feels right and what you are most drawn too. For many people, Eclecticism allows them to produce homes that are completely unique to who they are and what they love.

Via See Sea Interiors

Defining French Vintage

Although French Vintage has more guidelines than Eclectic, it does have a large pool of possible color schemes. It can be very muted and neutral or it can have lots of colors like dashes of greens and purples. Either way, it is formal with carvings, curves, and details in furniture and accessories pulled from traditional French artistic movements of Rococo and Baroque.

Design by A + B Kasha

Defining Eclectic French Vintage

Eclectic French Vintage still upholds the formality, the details, and the overall polished aesthetic of French design, however, it also adds some unexpected flair. The Eclectic design can be added in a multitude of ways. Mixing Contemporary or Modern furniture in a French styled room adds a friction which creates an exciting and beautiful atmosphere– the enchanting idea of mixing old with new. Adding unexpected lighting in a room is a very easy way to add eclecticism, or simply incorporating accessories, wall art, and textiles with various styles from trips to the flea market.

Design by deVOL

Since Eclectic French Vintage is based on variety and juxtaposition, the fewer rules the better. This gives more opportunity for experimentation and finding your niche within the style.  Eclectic French Vintage has a glamorous effect because of the elegance of the French styles, but adding eclectic elements keeps things exciting and eccentric.

Design by Maggie Overby

Easy Action Items to Make Your Home More Eclectic French Vintage

  • Because French Vintage items can be hard to come by in stores, a great place to start is by rummaging through local antique shops. You may be able to find many French items. Another great resource for smaller items and accessories is Etsy or a local flea market!
  • If you’re feeling like you’re starting to create a hodgepodge of too many different things going on, start by pairing down your color palette. This will give you a bit of focus as you’re searching for unique one of a kind items to add to your space.
  • Pair a French Vintage piece with something of another style. This will start the process of transforming your home to an Eclectic style. By breaking it down to just pairs, the job of Eclectic decorating becomes much simpler. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:
    • A small round carved side table with a glam gold lamp on top
    • Place a bucolic scene oil painting beside a series of anatomical sketches
    • A French traditional Aubusson rug below a Mid Century Modern Barcelona chair

Design by JJ Media

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Knowing your style and having your home be that style, are two different things. It can be difficult to bring your style to life because of lack of time and lack of complete knowledge on how to execute the design. Let us help you get started with either a one hour virtual consultation or with another online design service. We would love to help you transform your space into your dream home!

Design Services

Not Your Style?

Is this style is not exactly your taste? No problem! Try to retake the quiz or check out these three blogs below that have some similarities to Eclectic French Vintage.

Eclectic Rustic

Via Binti Home Blog

Eclectic Cottage

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Transitional French Vintage

Design by Cedar Hill Farmhouse

When to shop at Target over West Elm

At Quill Decor we are BIG fans of West Elm. A consistently fresh line of funky, fun mid-century interior furniture and home goods at a primarily mid-price range? Yes, please! The sales can be really amazing. The customer service rocks. What’s not to love? So don’t let this blog post fool you, we are now and will always be lovers of West Elm. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring light to the newly branded interiors line from another tried and true love of ours, Target. Project 62 is the name of the new modern line of home goods at Target, and they are knocking it out of the park with an amazing selection of extremely budget friendly and on-trend goodies. Both in your local Target store and online you’ll find “luxe for less” in everything interiors from vases to lamps to furniture. Emily Henderson is of course helping to promote the line, and has a little tutorial on how to style the new items that’s totally worth 2 minutes of your time.

So when do you choose Target over West Elm? Let’s compare some products and then we’ll speak more to this question at the end of the post.

When to shop at Target vs. West Elm

Design by Project 62/ Via Veronica Bradley Interiors

Project 62’s Allure

Target is certainly catering to the crowd that’s desiring a more modern decor with the creation of Project 62. Once we started looking closely, we realized many items, from rugs to pillows to decanters, are so incredibly similar that it seems unreasonable to simply be a coincidence. Right? Hmmmmm…. And while style is a major consideration of purchasing home decor, so is the price. Price is where Target wins big.  Project 62 is no more expensive than our beloved Threshold or any other Target brand. Here’s a product comparison for you to consider:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

Project 62 Textiles

Let’s talk pillows. Both West Elm and Project 62 have a great line up of mix-and-match pillows that feature the same colors but in different patterns and fabrics, like silks and velvets, to have consistency and yet variety. Project 62 mostly has peach pink, grey, and navy pillows; this is much less bold than West Elm’s range, which includes those plus orange, red, deep greens, and turquoises).

When it comes to rugs, Project 62 cannot compare to the vast selection West Elm offers. We  noticed that the rugs they do have are almost replicas of West Elm rugs (like the one pictured below). Hopefully, Project 62 will add more rugs to their line in time.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Very Affordable Lamps

It can seem nearly impossible to find attractive lamps for under $50. IKEA’s lamps lack weight, World Market has only a few to select from, Wayfair has lamps under $50 but mostly they are eyesores, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods sometimes have a good selection but other times they don’t, and even Targets lamps were slim pickin’s for awhile, especially for modern options. But Project 62 has a plethora of beautiful lamps for $50 and under! Most are Mid Century Modern featuring brass or black metals with some marble. For those who do not tend towards Mid Century Modern, there is a selection of lamps that are more streamlined but still possess personality.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

Project 62 Furniture

Some of the new furniture options in the line are just plain adorable, like furry ottomans and woven side chairs. The items stick to trendy, Mid Century Modern and sleek style. Like their other accessories, they repeat similar colors colors (like peach pink, orange, greys, and blues). They have small sofas, side tables, small chairs, and other accent furniture. Here’s a quick vision board with all Project 62 items! If all these items were purchased it would only total $1,709.83!!

Armless sofa, wood armchair, dining chair, metal coffee tablethree-tiered table, one drawer side tablegold accent tablestorage ottomanWhite fur pillow, carpet pillow,

geo pillowlumbar pillow, wedding rug, globe task lamp, tripod floor lamp, agate wall art

So West Elm or Target?

It is probably safe to assume that if you live in the US that you love to shop at Target. So, you may know this already, but their interior items can have a very quick product overturn. If you love an item, buy it right away, or else it may be gone the next time you look. Seriously. It’s happened to me so. many. times!  A constant flow of new products is one of Targets best and worst qualities. The fun part is that there are new fresh items every time you visit! The hard part is that the popular items go SO fast.

As an Interior Design Studio, we LOVE that Target is incorporating Project 62. This line can reduce costs without sacrificing design. Both our clients and our team like to come in under budget! For your main furniture pieces like sofas, heavily used side chairs, and coffee tables, we’d most certainly recommend steering clear of Target if your budget will allow. Best to splurge on these items. The same goes for rugs, especially if you’re putting it in a high traffic area. Pillows are hit and miss. I’m a fan of target pillows when they have a removable cover. This will allow you to put in your own down insert, which will instantly make the pillow look more expensive, plus it can be washed more easily.  However, when it comes to vases, lamps, end tables, small side seats that won’t get a lot of use, and accessories, go nuts with Project 62! Always price compare, because West Elm (And all of the Williams Sonoma brands) have excellent sales pretty regularly. If the item from West Elm is similar and only slightly higher in cost, you may want to go with West Elm simply for the sake of quality. But then there are of course shipping costs to consider as well, and Target wins here with free shipping over $35. You can sometimes find free shipping codes for the non-furniture items from West Elm, so do look out for those!

We will continue making lovely homes with the help of both Target and West Elm (and more awesome companies!!). If you want a little revamp of your own home, whether it’s on a tight budget (because, yes we use Target!) or not, we would be thrilled to help you achieve your dream home. You can view our services here.

Our Favorite Pillow Stores

In the world of Design, pillows are everything. They are not just the finishing touch, they are what make the room unique, stand out, and give some personality. And though they are very important for finishing their home, finding the perfect ones can be a challenge. That is why we have compiled a list of some great resources that are in the mid-price range. Below are some examples of rooms that are made fabulous because of their pillow selections:

Design by Tracey Rapisardi Style[/caption]

Design by Citrine Living

Design by Bigger Than the Three of Us

Our Favorite Pillow Stores

World Market

For some pillows that add a splash of color and texture to your room, World Market is an inexpensive option. It has pillows that are bohemian, traditional influenced, and some Pop culture modern. They also have a good variety of plain colored pillows that have good texture– these are great for a layered look. Jewel tones are also usually present in their collection so if you need darker colors, try World Market.


Another inexpensive option is Target. They typically carry styles that are seasonally popular, so as of now they have some bohemian and modern styles. But they also bring in some fun colors and striking patterns to mix it up. If you have a hard time mixing pillows, Target may be your answer because usually, they bring lines in that coordinate well– making it easy to mix and match.

Whitlock & Co.

With bold patterns and bright colors, Whitlock & Co. is for all who want a dash or a big helping of Preppy. They carry popular preppy fabrics, but also some staples like polka-dots, stripes, and buffalo checks. They have some of the same fabrics in different colorways so if you find a fabric that you like in the wrong color– no worries, they most likely have it in different colors! Their pillows are a lot of fun to mix and match and you may find that instead of purchasing just one new pillow, you purchase a whole new set!

Stitched by Grace

Without being too pricey, Stitched by Grace is wonderful quality and has unique boutique pillows. Stitched by Grace is Modern-Global. Being made from mud-cloth– the pillows are very textural and add more of a natural element to your space. What’s more, they also have some neat faux leather pillows! Their patterns are simple keeping with the Contemporary feel, but that makes them very easy to mix together. Also, they have many blacks, whites, creams, and blues. Although their colors are limited, they do make it easy to mix a set of pillows. These are just pillow covers so you do still have to purchase an insert, or you could cover up an old pillow! The average price for a mud-cloth pillow is $39.

West Elm

While West Elm has pillows in funky Mid Century Modern colors and patterns, they also have a great selection of more refined styles. West Elm relies much on the texture– making magnificent pillows. Not only do they have great colors and patterns, but they also are made of interesting materials. Some have a slight sheen, some are embroidered, some have gems, and some have cut velvet. The materials combined with the actual pattern, make for interesting pillows that will instantly spice up your home. And you can sort by color! Score!

Now that you have some more resources, start shopping! Busy now, but want to come back later and read all about fun pillows? No problem! Pin this picture!


*UPDATE (1/8/17)* 

Want some more pillow resources and inspiration? No problem! We love pillows and are on a constant search to find the best pillows with one-of-a-kind designs. That is why we have updated our list with a few more of our favorite pillow stores!

Sister Golden

Is your style more carefree Bohemian? If so, this will be your new favorite store. Sister Golden has the coolest Southwest styled pillows on the internet! Everything from the colors, textures, and patterns makes them stand out. This company cares about quality and history. Each pillow is hand-dyed with natural dyes from vegetables and most are hand loomed in Morocco–making every pillow one-of-a-kind. Some of their pillows are even from vintage rugs. Considering all that goes into making these pillows, they are inexpensive, at $60-$100 per pillow. And boy do these make a statement that is well worth the money!  If you want your pillows to be quality, made of natural fibers, and have a story with a bold design then look no further than Sister Golden.

Sew and Cloth

Continuing with the Bohemian theme, are these beautiful pillows from Sew and Cloth. These very reasonably cost about $40-$50 per pillow. Sew and Cloth has a variety of quirky pillows like African mud cloth, indigo dyed, and faux leather pillows. Their selection of indigo dyed pillows is probably one of the largest we have seen– with different shades of indigo and plenty of unique patterns. Staying with just a few kinds of pillows (mud cloth, indigo dyed, and leather) makes it incredibly easy to mix and match patterns and colors that look designerly and individual to your home. These pillows are great if you are looking to add more texture and a Southwestern vibe to your home for a steal of a price!

Bonne Terre Studio

Maybe neutral color schemes soothe your soul, they sure do ours! Bonne Terre Studio is the best place to get solid linen pillow covers (and they are a steal of a price, between $20-$40 per pillow). The solid linen covers come in a variety of shades of white as well as some gray, blues, and deeper tones. This shop also has some other pillows that keep neutral color schemes but have a bit of texture or some subtle design. These pillows look beautiful in Contemporary, Transitional, and even some Traditional homes. Neutral colors are not boring and this store is a testament to that!

Greige Design

As grey started becoming the “it” color, casual and transitional designs wanted to embrace the modern update that grey would bring but also wanted more warmth– so greige was created. It is a mix of grey and beige, it’s contemporary but also inviting and warm. Greige Design’s pillows are like the color greige, they are stylish, transitional, and do not lack style. They have a mix of more contemporary styles that are Turkish inspired while also have a great selection of transitional ikat patterns on velvet fabrics. There is even a few cottage looking pillows that have small feminine patterns on linen fabrics in muted tones. Greige Design is a wonderful resource if your house tends to be more Transitional or even Traditional. The prices vary from $100 to $200, with most pillows being about $140.

Motif Pillows

Motif Pillows is a source that any color cravin’, pattern mixin’, preppy lovin’ gal needs to know! Whether you just go to look at their pillows or whether you end up buying thousands of dollars worth of pillows;). Motif Pillows has an assortment of color, texture, and patterns that are so fun to mix and match– you could play on their website for hours! Because of their range of pattern size, pattern type (geometric, floral, abstract) and colors it makes it simple to combine pillows. They have some of the beloved and classic patterns like leopard, chevron, and quatrefoils while also having unique patterns that are great to add a pop to your home. The prices vary from $30 to $110 and all depends on what fabric was used.


We love Dekowe because of their “bigger is bigger” approach. They are daring with texture, daring with color, and daring with pattern! Not only do they feature pillows with a whole lot of color and patterns, but they also have a huge selection with 600 pillows! 600! So Girl, get ready to scroll and play with pillow combinations all day long. It’s not hard to believe that with 600 pillow choices every color, pattern, and style is covered. And even though these are mostly Hollywood Glam, Preppy, and very Transitional or New Traditional, there are plenty of pillows for those who want some Cottage, Rustic, or even Modern pillows. There is a huge range of prices from $25 to $110, but most are between $50-$70. And Dekowe uses designer fabrics like Genevieve Gorder, Caitlin Wilson, Kate Spade, Robert Allen, Peter Dunham, Nate Berkus, Zak and Fox, and many others. (Pro Tip: if you like layered feminine prints, check out the Caitlin Wilson pillows. Caitlin Wilson has her own set of pillows that are about $80, but Dekowe’s in the same fabric are almost half the price!)

Danielle Oakey Shop

Trendy, casual, and with a tinge of that Cottage warmth Danielle Oakey Shop has pillows that work with both Modern and Transitional homes. Chinese batik, African mud cloth, cactus silk, and kilim can be found in this hip shop. However, there are also petite stripes and small geometric patterns that play into a soft and muted Cottage home. We love when there is an eclectic look–it creates so much more depth and a well-traveled look. These pillows range from $65-$100– a great price for a home revamp!

Studio McGee

Always reliable for fabulous and high-end pillows is Studio McGee. Personally, this is one of my favorite pillow sources (& interior design inspirations!). Studio McGee puts out unique pillows that are still very trendy. They make it super easy to mix because they produce them in sets. But what is even more wonderful about their pillows is that though they are meant to be mixed they don’t look like they came in a set and completely match. It’s not like purchasing a cheap bedding set from Bed and Bath. They effortlessly mix feminine floral pillows with more masculine dark checks. Although a bit more expensive, ranging anywhere from $70-$230, they will completely transform a room and we think they are worth every penny!

All About Pillow Inserts

Many places sell the pillow cover and the pillow insert separately (which is frustrating!), so we are going to take the hassle out of trying to find that perfect pillow by giving you some tips and a few of our favorite stores to shop for covers.


Typically, there are three different types of pillow fills– feather, down, and a sort of polyfill. Feather pillows feel luxurious because you can sink into them and then they pop back up. These are what many designers use to get that karate chop look (yep, that’s a technical term!). If you have a leather sofa or chair, these are a better choice than polyfill because they do not slide. However, some people are allergic to the feathers, so be aware of that before purchasing! Some people do not like feather pillows because the quills can come out and get a little poky. Overall, they do feel luxurious and look great on sofas.


Down pillows are made from the feather clusters beneath the wing of a bird. These are even more fluffy than the feather pillows because they do not have the spine of the quill in the feather. But they are more pricey and harder to find. In fact, many down pillows are a blend of feather and down, often called feather-down.  This reduces some costs and makes it so that the pillow has a great balance of support and squish.

Down-Alternative (Polyfill)

The third type of pillow is the polyfill pillows. These are typically the cheapest of the pillows, and many are made to feel similar to down and feather pillows (so they are often called “Down Alternative”) but without the cost and the possibility of feathers poking out. Additionally, they are a hypoallergenic option. However, they do have a shorter lifespan than the other pillows.

Pillow Insert Options
  • West Elm– You can choose either feather of polyfill-ed and are a good price for pillows, ranging between $10 and $24.
  • Amazon ComfyDown– Three words: Two Day Shipping! These are 94% down and 5% feather. They are a great price for a high-quality pillow at about $25 per insert.
  • Garnet Hill– These are also a great option for down and feather pillows. They are about the same price as ComfyDown, but they have more pillow size options.
  • Crate & Barrel– They have both feather-down and down alternative (polyfill) pillows to choose from at great prices and in many different sizes.
  • Wholesale Pillow Inserts– These are super inexpensive! There are several different types of filling, from polyester to goose feather down.

No matter what pillow insert you purchase, make sure you order a size larger than your pillow cover so that they completely fill out the cover and look abounding and luxurious.

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