Eclectic French Vintage

Being drawn to homes that are modern, cultured, and elegant means that the rooms must incorporate a variety of styles while being grounded in sophisticated design; Eclectic French Vintage is exactly that. It combines many different styles with layers of accessories but has touches of French that add formality and old world charm.

Eclectic French Vintage

Design by Mis’ en Sene 40

Defining Eclectic

Pulling from many different styles, Eclectic design is meant to be experimental which makes it uniquely you.  When deciding what pieces go into the space, decisions are less about what matches, and more about what feels right and what you are most drawn too. For many people, Eclecticism allows them to produce homes that are completely unique to who they are and what they love.

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Defining French Vintage

Although French Vintage has more guidelines than Eclectic, it does have a large pool of possible color schemes. It can be very muted and neutral or it can have lots of colors like dashes of greens and purples. Either way, it is formal with carvings, curves, and details in furniture and accessories pulled from traditional French artistic movements of Rococo and Baroque.

Design by A + B Kasha

Defining Eclectic French Vintage

Eclectic French Vintage still upholds the formality, the details, and the overall polished aesthetic of French design, however, it also adds some unexpected flair. The Eclectic design can be added in a multitude of ways. Mixing Contemporary or Modern furniture in a French styled room adds a friction which creates an exciting and beautiful atmosphere– the enchanting idea of mixing old with new. Adding unexpected lighting in a room is a very easy way to add eclecticism, or simply incorporating accessories, wall art, and textiles with various styles from trips to the flea market.

Design by deVOL

Since Eclectic French Vintage is based on variety and juxtaposition, the fewer rules the better. This gives more opportunity for experimentation and finding your niche within the style.  Eclectic French Vintage has a glamorous effect because of the elegance of the French styles, but adding eclectic elements keeps things exciting and eccentric.

Design by Maggie Overby

Easy Action Items to Make Your Home More Eclectic French Vintage

  • Because French Vintage items can be hard to come by in stores, a great place to start is by rummaging through local antique shops. You may be able to find many French items. Another great resource for smaller items and accessories is Etsy or a local flea market!
  • If you’re feeling like you’re starting to create a hodgepodge of too many different things going on, start by pairing down your color palette. This will give you a bit of focus as you’re searching for unique one of a kind items to add to your space.
  • Pair a French Vintage piece with something of another style. This will start the process of transforming your home to an Eclectic style. By breaking it down to just pairs, the job of Eclectic decorating becomes much simpler. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:
    • A small round carved side table with a glam gold lamp on top
    • Place a bucolic scene oil painting beside a series of anatomical sketches
    • A French traditional Aubusson rug below a Mid Century Modern Barcelona chair

Design by JJ Media

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Knowing your style and having your home be that style, are two different things. It can be difficult to bring your style to life because of lack of time and lack of complete knowledge on how to execute the design. Let us help you get started with either a one hour virtual consultation or with another online design service. We would love to help you transform your space into your dream home!

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