Eclectic Rustic Industrial

Experimenting with different styles while introducing a spirit of warmth and days of old is the core of Eclectic Rustic Industrial. This style is meant to be unique to each home because it is accommodating to what pleases you. But while each home will look different, all will have antique, worn, and historical elements that produce an overall sense of peace. 

Eclectic Rustic Industrial

Design by Heather Bullard

Defining Eclectic

Combining many different styles and eras of furniture into one home is what makes Eclectic unique. Because there are many options, Eclectic is completely based on your individual taste. There are not any rules or guidelines except to make it your own style. Each Eclectic room can look wildly different from the next because there are an infinite amount of combinations. Eclectic can be bright or muted, it can be full of furniture and accessories or simple, or it can be more formal or casual. It all depends on what you personally like. This design can be overwhelming for some, but for others, it is a relief to have the freedom to experiment.

Design by Inspired by Charm

Defining Rustic Industrial

Rustic Industrial is very reliant on materials, whether that is black metal, rugged woods, or worn bricks. Commonly, it uses actual pieces from barns, warehouses, and old restaurants. However, as it has gained popularity it has become easy to find replicas of Rustic Industrial items. Exposing ceilings and architectural features help to make a home feel more Rustic Industrial.

Design by Coley Arnold

Defining Eclectic Rustic Industrial

Adding Rustic Industrial elements to Eclectic adds history and warmth to your space. It also gives a sense of unity because the Rustic Industrial is repeated with several items in each room. Since Eclectic spaces can look so different, every Eclectic Rustic Industrial space will look very different. Depending on your preference, the Rustic Industrial can be inharmonious with other objects, such as having bright florals like the picture below. Or you may want more similarities, you could, for example, use a traditional mirror that is antique like the picture above. In this example, the items parallel one another because they are both antiquities.

Via Brit + Co

It is easiest to bring Rustic Industrial with your case goods (non-upholstered pieces), lighting, and with extra hardware like brackets or sliding doors. But there are many ways to introduce Rustic Industrial such as framing old sketches, animal head accents, or architectural features.

Design by Coley Arnold/Via Country Living

Other than using furniture from a variety of styles, textiles and accessories, are an easy way to add more Eclectic or more Rustic Industrial. Furs and large weaves are more reminiscent of Rustic Industrial, while patterns and bright colors can add a big punch of Eclecticism. Layering is a friend of the Eclectic style and as you add more layers, the more the space becomes more unique. As you experiment with your style, you will find how you want to introduce Rustic Industrial versus where and what other styles you want in the mix.

Design by The White Buffalo

Easy Action Items to Make Your Home More Eclectic Rustic Industrial

  • Search through antique shops and find decor novelties. These will set your home apart and definitely make it feel Eclectic and Rustic. You may come across some great finds that will make huge statements like large pendants, lockers, or old barstools. Or maybe you will find smaller pieces to place around your home like old cameras, binoculars, lamps, or maps. Either way, antique shops have a plethora of goodies for your home!
  • Start pairing one Rustic Industrial item with something of another style so that your space transforms into an Eclectic home. Thinking in terms of pairing two different styled items is a simple way to begin an Eclectic transformation. Below are a few examples to get you started:
    • A wall mounted antler above an abstract modern painting
    • A Tiffany lamp on top of stacked suitcases
    • Leather pillows from Kaekoo in front of a floral print pillow
    • A burled wood coffee table above an ikat rug

Via Binti Home Blog

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Knowing your style and having your home be that style, are two different things. It can be difficult to bring your style to life because of lack of time and lack of complete knowledge on how to execute the design. Let us help you get started with either a one hour virtual consultation or with another online design service. We would love to help you transform your space into your dream home!

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