Fall 2017 Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms are a great place to get creative with tiles, paint choices, lighting, and cabinets. Unlike kitchens, they are not the center of the home. They’re much smaller, they cost less, and therefore it’s easier to take some risks or go with some fads. And we encourage you to take some strategic risks– without some design risks you can’t always achieve that perfectly designed look.

Fall 2017 Bathroom Trends

Design by Erin Williamson Design

Graphic Tile

Graphic tiling is a great way to make a bold statement. These tiles are becoming more accessible and less expensive as they gain popularity. Even Home Depot has a few graphic tile choices (shown below & linked!).

These graphic tiles come in a variety of different styles and will look good in any bathroom. It is a rather quick way to update your bathroom. Since they are so bold you can choose to do everything else simple and let these be the star. And because they are black and white they go with nearly every color and pattern.

Design by KJM Interiors

Most popularly, these black and white tiles are cement. Cement tiles are a little bit more expensive, but they are very durable, slip resistant and are handmade. They give the room such a unique look.

Design by Amber Interiors

Brass & Matte Black Fixtures

Within recent years, brass and matte black fixtures have been introduced. While brass has been around for a while, its new introduction has more brown undertones and a softer appeal. Matte black is very contemporary and stately. Brass and matte black are not always used together, but they do make a huge statement when they are. The brass softens the room and brings a sort of vintage feel. On the other hand, the matte black keeps things contemporary. It is bold and stands out. (Plus it looks so good with black and white tile!)

Design by Studio McGee

Modular & Floating Vanities

Although floating vanities are very popular for Contemporary homes, they do not have to be solely Contemporary. The picture below is a bathroom designed by Studio McGee and it has a Transitional look even though the vanity is floating. No matter your style, you can incorporate this trend.

Design by Studio McGee

 Being sleek, cantilevered, and rectilinear floating vanities follow Mid Century Modern ideals. Even though you do lose some storage space, these beauties can make the room feel larger because they are not grounded.

Design by Three Birds Renovations