Pantone 2017 Winter Color Report

With New York as a city leading all things fashion, we look to them to get our forecasts of what the future of design will be. The New York Fashion Week, though dreamy, is also unrealistic for most to attend, but it is the best event to get the accumulation of what’s fashionable. And thanks to Pantone, we now have a condensed version that people like you and I can easily read, dissect, and decide what we want to do with this new information. Here is Pantone’s 2017 Winter Color Report. We are breaking down each color and navigating what it may look like to add it to your home.

Pantone 2017 Winter Color Report


Bold and dynamic, Grenadine is even more bright than Christmas Red. Even a limited amount of this color in your home can make the entire house feel more radiant. It pairs well with many colors– most colors seem to become neutrals with this powerhouse next to them. Depending on how bold you are, you could use Ballet Slipper or Autumn Maple as the neutrals and Grenadine as the accent. Or with more of a Traditional taste for color, Butterum seemingly soothes the Grenadine a bit, without destroying the passion.

Design by Jennifer Perkins

Tawny Port

A rich velvety color, this is a perfect hue to warm up your home. And we all need some warmth in the winter months! Even with just a few hints of it, it makes big impacts. Add it with a pillow or two, a few ornaments, or decorative bowls. Hopefully, this color will be out in all the stores! This color is great on its own, but it also can act as an accent color. Pair it with Neutral Gray, if you want a beautiful combination of cool and warm. Or maybe use Butterum instead, this creates a very warm and inviting landscape with some Traditional flair. Wherever it is, it brings depth, elegance, and a touch of spice.


Via Frontgate

Ballet Slipper

An unlikely candidate for a popular winter color, Ballet Slipper adds girliness wherever it finds itself. The last couple years, light pink has gained popularity and it is not rare to see it spill over even into winter. But unlike the recent pinks, like rose gold, Ballet Slipper has a tinge more purple undertone, making it a little bit cooler. With a few accents here and there, Ballet Slipper adds a touch of femininity. It beautifully pairs with metallics as well as deeper darker colors. Try it next to Navy Peony or Tawny Port!

Design by The Proper Blog


Butternum is warm without being too dark. It has some orange in it, but not overwhelmingly so. It is a color that pairs well with most other colors. With light or dark color schemes, it fits well; and as the main grounding color, or as an accent. Our favorite is the way it pairs with white. It almost seems like a wild animal in the sparkling snow. You can get creative pairing this color since it is such a warm neutral. Try it with Navy Peony and Autumn Maple. Or for something more playful and retro, use it alongside Ballet Slipper and Golden Lime.

Design by Studio McGee

Navy Peony

This is a great color that acts as a neutral because it is dark and pairs so nicely with most colors. Most colors seem to pop right off of it. By making it the main color, it livens up the room since it is not a standard neutral color. It can also act as an accent. Being stately, Navy Peony, brings sophistication to any room no matter how much or little it is in it. For Winter, we love the idea of introducing it through velvet pillows. Being so lush, they add warmth and elegance.

Design by Amy Morris Interiors/Photo by Emily Jenkins Followill/Via Traditional Home

Neutral Gray

Holding its ground yet another season is Neutral Gray. Without any undertones, it is a perfect gray to be a grounding neutral. However, it can also be used as an accent. This will be a popular color for many homes this winter. In those homes, most will be pairing it with creams and whites. This color combination is pretty spectacular since it can be applied to a variety of styles– anywhere from Nordic, to Coastal, to Traditional homes. Neutral Gray also looks great with so many other colors. If you want a little more warmth this Winter, but still love gray, try Neutral gray with pops of Tawny Port or Shaded Spruce.


Via Home is Where the Boat is

Shaded Spruce

With just a touch of blue, Shaded Spruce is not your typical Christmas Green. It has a bit more modern elegance like tall evergreens in a forest. Similar to Tawny Port, it is very rich and makes a great accent color. You can easily add this into your Winter decorating with a few pillows, ornaments, wall art, and accessories. Because it slightly clashes with Christmas trees, it makes the room feel more Eclectic. The two greens seem to pull out one another, which adds even more depth.

Design by Little Fabric

Golden Lime

Golden Lime may seem like a little bit of a “been there done that”, but reintroducing it in small ways adds such liveliness to rooms. It too goes well with most colors from Pantone’s color report. For something more sophisticated, try it with Navy Peony or Tawny Port. If you want playfulness, use it with Shaded Spruce or Marina. Or maybe something with a mix or relaxing and bold, Butternum and Neutral Gray pair nicely.

Design by Home by Heidi


Being the only cool tone on Pantone’s Color Report, Marina is a wonderful color if you are wanting to add freshness. Even if you have a bright color palette, accents of Marina can add pureness. Or maybe you have a darker and moodier color palette, but the short days of Winter make your dark home feel blah, freshen it up with pops of this! It is a little bit of an odd blue, which will make your home look unique and lively.

Design by The Inspired Room

Autumn Maple

Undoubtedly, Autumn Maple is ordinarily a Fall color. It may be a color you introduce during the Fall and keep throughout the Winter. Autumn Maple in the Winter is not Traditional, but it is the perfect color if you are tired of the same color schemes. Orange and green go splendidly together, so mixing it with evergreens is an easy and chic way to combine this color and the Winter-scape. Experiment with this by just adding a few pieces that are orange. You can easily create an analogous color scheme of oranges and reds. Or a modern scheme with some blues and greens. However, it is used this Winter it will bring the unexpected and a fresh sight.

Design by The Jungalow

Do you already have some of these colors in your home? Maybe you could introduce a new color with just a few accessories to give your home a completely new look and feel during this Winter. Are there any colors that you desperately want to incorporate into your home?