Transitional French Vintage

Do you dream of a home full of wildflowers, delicacies, and an aura of the French countryside? If so Transitional French Vintage is your design style. It is a less formal French style, but it still has the warmth and fanciful design with the furniture and accessories.

Transitional French Vintage

Design by Tidbits

Defining Transitional

In the United States, Transitional has become a very popular style. It has open floor plans, tall ceilings, and big windows which all create an airy space. Typically, the color palette is neutral which adds to the lightness of the space. The furniture is clean-lined, simple, and comfortable. It takes some of the curved forms and formality of Traditional, but with the lighter colors and fabrics of the Contemporary which make it have a casual appeal.

Design by Alexandra Rae

Defining French Vintage

French Vintage uses aspects from traditional French styles like Rococo, Baroque, and French Provincial while also incorporating a French Country feel. The furniture is a mix of traditional French and countryside French. French Vintage combines multiple eras of the French styles. Tables may have cabriole legs and chairs have exposed carved wood frames. These may be mixed with less ornate furniture. Often, French Country has pastel painted traditional French pieces. Upholstery pieces have curved backs no matter if it is a formal or more casual French style. Like Transitional, it is a combination of very formal and a more relaxed style.

Via Eye for Design

Both traditional French styles and French Country use checks, stripes, and toile. These are often in soft fabrics like cotton. French Vintage color palettes can be all over the color wheel– it just depends on your personal taste. These colors are grounded by natural woods in the furniture as well as wood beam ceilings, natural stone floors and fireplaces, and wood doors. Doors and windows in French homes are tall and narrow and have shutters on the inside.

Design by Christina Dennis

Common furniture is armories, settees, and decorative headboards. It is not rare to see French Vintage rooms full of pottery, wildflowers, and candlesticks. These rooms usually have a lot of decorative accessories that make the home whimsical. Chandeliers add to this sense of elegant quaintness. French chandeliers can either have many crystals or can be more of a French Country style with light wood and simple curved arms.

Design by Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Defining Transitional French Vintage

Transitional makes the French Vintage even more casual by incorporating a few pieces of furniture that are clean-lined.  The color scheme typically becomes neutral with light worn woods and sandy stones.

Design by Dear Lillie Studio

What makes a Transitional room Transitional French Vintage is normally with the furniture unless you live in a French home, in which case the home can speak for the French component. Some signs of French furniture are tufting, ornate and carved wood detailing, and curved backs in chairs and settees. Many times in Transitional French Vintage homes, there will be some influences of other European styles like English rolled arms and wing-backs. If you are drawn to some of the English furniture, you can easily mix French and English. Small painted plates, wall sconces, gold ornate mirrors, flowers, and pottery further iterate the French Vintage design.

Design by Dear Lillie Studio

French Vintage does make the Transitional style more formal while still having some of those cleaner lines in furniture and cabinets. Generally, this is a wonderful style for anyone wanting reminisces of an old world, full of stories and history, while living with our current culture. Together, Transitional and French Vintage make for warm and inviting homes that have an air of prestige and world culture.

Design by Old Seagrove Homes

Easy Action Items to Make Your Home More Transitional French Vintage

  • Start building your inventory of French Vintage accessories. Candlesticks, small ornate frames, urns, and pottery will make the room feel more complete and add some French Vintage life to your home. Some places you could shop are Etsy, local antique stores, French Garden House (which has real French antique goods), or The Bella Cottage.
  • Switching out your lighting for Vintage chandeliers will drastically change the space. Layla Grace has a large variety of beautiful French inspired lighting. Choose a chandelier that has graceful lines and a feminine look while also having weathered and natural materials. You can buy a chandelier that has some crystals, but make sure that it looks antique.
  • Replacing side tables that have more of a vintage and worn look may also help with transitioning your home to Transitional French Vintage. One resource that usually has several French inspired furniture is Ballard Design. Changing end tables is an easy way to transition your furniture without spending too much money. You may be able to keep your more expensive upholstery and large case good pieces by just changing the side tables.

Design by Lauren Crouch/Via Country Living

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Knowing your style and having your home be that style, are two different things. It can be difficult to bring your style to life because of lack of time and lack of complete knowledge on how to execute the design. Let us help you get started with either a one hour virtual consultation or with another online design service. We would love to help you transform your space into your dream home!

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