Transitional Hollywood Glam

You are daring and unafraid of taking risks when it comes to design. You want to feel fabulous in your home so you surround yourself with luxurious and eccentric items. Transitional Hollywood Glam is a style that merges lively materials with comfortable forms.

Transitional Hollywood Glam

Design by Jessica Becker/Via Laurel Honm

Defining Transitional

The Transitional style has emerged as a result of a more relaxed culture. It is a combination of Traditional and Contemporary, which gives it a laid-back character without the total emphasis on minimalism. Typically, Transitional has a more muted or neutral color scheme, although that is not always true, which in the case of Transitional Hollywood Glam there is usually a focus on color. It has clean lines, sometimes some curves, but they are not ornate and it has open floor plans.

Design by Sally Wheat Interiors

Defining Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam is about impact and drama. It plays with the contrast of light and rich colors. Other materials like gold and mirrors, only help to intensify this contrast by bouncing the color around the room.  If there is no contrast of color, then there is most likely graphic textiles or wallpaper. This creates contrast with the mellow and simple materials. Fur and velvet are also other popular materials because of the richness they bring to the space.

Via Anthropologie

Since eccentric design is desired, play with scale is quite popular. Often there is something in the room that is proportionally large. There could be large lighting, lots of curtains, large sculptures, or the room itself could have tall ceilings and lots of wainscoting. Hollywood Glam is about as feminine as design can get, many times there are even paintings or pictures of women displayed.

Design by Kembel Interiors/Via Hanging with the Hewitts

Defining Transitional Hollywood Glam

Transitional Hollywood Glam has a new take on an older style. Hollywood Glam, or Hollywood Regency, started around the 1920’s so these older forms show through, but they are mixed with the recent Transitional style. This combination gives it a bit of an eclectic feel.

Design by Tineke Triggs Artistic Designs for Living

The color palette of Transitional Hollywood Glam is often full or neutrals with pops of bold color, like emerald green, hot pink, or reds. The Transitional style brings more serenity, while Hollywood Glam is all about boldness. You can achieve a room that is balanced by marrying these two very different styles.

Design by Kemble Interiors

Overall, your style is timeless and daring. Transitional is a mix of Traditional and Contemporary which are staples to American interiors, while Hollywood Glam was made so popular and will always remain well-known. Therefore, Transitional Hollywood Glam will remain an icon and will be forever gawked at.

Design by Heather Freeman

Easy Action Items to Make Your Home More Transitional Hollywood Glam

  • Purchase large gold mirrors and other reflective pieces. The mirror is not only stately, but it also reflects all the fun patterns and forms that are happening in your room.
  • Find unique table lamps and figurines. You may be able to find interesting pieces at antique shops. They can have a large array of items from all different time periods that would speak to the Regency style. Additionally, High Fashion Home and Lulu & Georgia have some unique items that are very much Glam.
  • Play up the luxurious materials. Swap out old pillows for bold ones or for ones that are fur. Adding a small bright velvet chair is also a great way to hugely impact the space.

Design by Kelly Wearstler

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Knowing your style and having your home be that style, are two different things. It can be difficult to bring your style to life because of lack of time and lack of complete knowledge on how to execute the design. Let us help you get started with either a one hour virtual consultation or with another online design service. We would love to help you transform your space into your dream home!

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