How to Dimension Your Space

Online Interior Design packages are a great option for those who want the designerly room but without a high price tag. Through more streamlined processes, and no travel time, Online Interior Design cuts down on designer fees. However, this means you will be the one giving us dimensions and photos of your space. For some, this may seem overwhelming to accurately dimension your space, but we have an easy step-by-step process that will make it simple! No need to sweat, you can still have that beautiful space with a limited amount of work!

How to Dimension Your Space

STEP 1: Draw the floor plan of your space. It does not need to be in scale, but it does need to include doors, windows, columns, or other architectural features.

STEP 2: Measure from wall to wall. If possible, put tape measure flat on the floor. Mark these on the drawn floor plan.

STEP 3: Measure from one architectural piece to the next. For instance, measure from the corner of the wall to the door, the edge of the door to the window. Do NOT include the casing, measure from the outside of the casings/trim.

STEP 4: Now measure the doors, windows, and columns. This time DO measure the casings/trim. Make one note of how thick the trim is around the doors and windows (they are usually the same width).

STEP 5: Now make a sketch of the elevations (the wall heights). If they are all one height and shape then you only need to make one drawing and measure from the floor all the way to the ceiling. If, however, there are multiple heights and shapes of walls then draw and measure each one. Note  which wall coordinates to the walls on the floor plan. If a wall has a slanted ceiling, measure each ends height and then measure the height from approximately the middle.

Your drawing may end being a little sloppy, but that is fine we are quite used to it! As long as you try to make it as neat as possible and give us the correct dimensions, we can decipher it. And if there are any problems, we will contact you and get it sorted all out. Once we get these dimensions, we will put them into our program and can start laying out furniture and preliminary shopping. If you are interested in any of our online design services, click here.