When to shop at Target over West Elm

At Quill Decor we are BIG fans of West Elm. A consistently fresh line of funky, fun mid-century interior furniture and home goods at a primarily mid-price range? Yes, please! The sales can be really amazing. The customer service rocks. What’s not to love? So don’t let this blog post fool you, we are now and will always be lovers of West Elm. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring light to the newly branded interiors line from another tried and true love of ours, Target. Project 62 is the name of the new modern line of home goods at Target, and they are knocking it out of the park with an amazing selection of extremely budget friendly and on-trend goodies. Both in your local Target store and online you’ll find “luxe for less” in everything interiors from vases to lamps to furniture. Emily Henderson is of course helping to promote the line, and has a little tutorial on how to style the new items that’s totally worth 2 minutes of your time.

So when do you choose Target over West Elm? Let’s compare some products and then we’ll speak more to this question at the end of the post.

When to shop at Target vs. West Elm

Design by Project 62/ Via Veronica Bradley Interiors

Project 62’s Allure

Target is certainly catering to the crowd that’s desiring a more modern decor with the creation of Project 62. Once we started looking closely, we realized many items, from rugs to pillows to decanters, are so incredibly similar that it seems unreasonable to simply be a coincidence. Right? Hmmmmm…. And while style is a major consideration of purchasing home decor, so is the price. Price is where Target wins big.  Project 62 is no more expensive than our beloved Threshold or any other Target brand. Here’s a product comparison for you to consider:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

Project 62 Textiles

Let’s talk pillows. Both West Elm and Project 62 have a great line up of mix-and-match pillows that feature the same colors but in different patterns and fabrics, like silks and velvets, to have consistency and yet variety. Project 62 mostly has peach pink, grey, and navy pillows; this is much less bold than West Elm’s range, which includes those plus orange, red, deep greens, and turquoises).

When it comes to rugs, Project 62 cannot compare to the vast selection West Elm offers. We  noticed that the rugs they do have are almost replicas of West Elm rugs (like the one pictured below). Hopefully, Project 62 will add more rugs to their line in time.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Very Affordable Lamps

It can seem nearly impossible to find attractive lamps for under $50. IKEA’s lamps lack weight, World Market has only a few to select from, Wayfair has lamps under $50 but mostly they are eyesores, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods sometimes have a good selection but other times they don’t, and even Targets lamps were slim pickin’s for awhile, especially for modern options. But Project 62 has a plethora of beautiful lamps for $50 and under! Most are Mid Century Modern featuring brass or black metals with some marble. For those who do not tend towards Mid Century Modern, there is a selection of lamps that are more streamlined but still possess personality.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

Project 62 Furniture

Some of the new furniture options in the line are just plain adorable, like furry ottomans and woven side chairs. The items stick to trendy, Mid Century Modern and sleek style. Like their other accessories, they repeat similar colors colors (like peach pink, orange, greys, and blues). They have small sofas, side tables, small chairs, and other accent furniture. Here’s a quick vision board with all Project 62 items! If all these items were purchased it would only total $1,709.83!!

Armless sofa, wood armchair, dining chair, metal coffee tablethree-tiered table, one drawer side tablegold accent tablestorage ottomanWhite fur pillow, carpet pillow,

geo pillowlumbar pillow, wedding rug, globe task lamp, tripod floor lamp, agate wall art

So West Elm or Target?

It is probably safe to assume that if you live in the US that you love to shop at Target. So, you may know this already, but their interior items can have a very quick product overturn. If you love an item, buy it right away, or else it may be gone the next time you look. Seriously. It’s happened to me so. many. times!  A constant flow of new products is one of Targets best and worst qualities. The fun part is that there are new fresh items every time you visit! The hard part is that the popular items go SO fast.

As an Interior Design Studio, we LOVE that Target is incorporating Project 62. This line can reduce costs without sacrificing design. Both our clients and our team like to come in under budget! For your main furniture pieces like sofas, heavily used side chairs, and coffee tables, we’d most certainly recommend steering clear of Target if your budget will allow. Best to splurge on these items. The same goes for rugs, especially if you’re putting it in a high traffic area. Pillows are hit and miss. I’m a fan of target pillows when they have a removable cover. This will allow you to put in your own down insert, which will instantly make the pillow look more expensive, plus it can be washed more easily.  However, when it comes to vases, lamps, end tables, small side seats that won’t get a lot of use, and accessories, go nuts with Project 62! Always price compare, because West Elm (And all of the Williams Sonoma brands) have excellent sales pretty regularly. If the item from West Elm is similar and only slightly higher in cost, you may want to go with West Elm simply for the sake of quality. But then there are of course shipping costs to consider as well, and Target wins here with free shipping over $35. You can sometimes find free shipping codes for the non-furniture items from West Elm, so do look out for those!

We will continue making lovely homes with the help of both Target and West Elm (and more awesome companies!!). If you want a little revamp of your own home, whether it’s on a tight budget (because, yes we use Target!) or not, we would be thrilled to help you achieve your dream home. You can view our services here.